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Does Anyone Have Any Orange Slices? – Captain America: Civil War Review

Well it’s been a while Flick Pickians,

So, let’s get this first review in the bag shall we?

Captain America: Civil War, plain and simple was a great film. Action was great, story was compelling and set up a conflict that felt natural. The build up of tension over past movies, the hints of where the line in the sand was going to be drawn for certain characters all finally coming to a head with different ideologies colliding.  It was bound to be epic, and it was because it was patient.

Now let’s continue to the things that I loved.  The shots were beautiful, and the characters were perfect. Let me clarify that by saying all of the superheroes or enhanced individuals were perfect. With all of these well know actors and all of these larger than life characters, the line that had to walked was very fine. But they did it flawlessly. All of these characters served their function and fit into the conflict perfectly. Ego is a very big thing to handle, and it couldn’t have been done better.

Continuing on character (and like I said they’re all great) I want to focus on two specifically. That being Black Panther and Spider-Man. First off let me says kudos to Marvel. Not only for creating such rich and awesome incarnations of them, but for casting them perfectly. Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland (Panther and Spidey respectively) became these heroes and their alter egos. The pain they had, their motivations and they stayed true to the characters personality, their core. And why
wouldn’t they, these characters are iconic (at least Spidey transcends the superhero genre so, in my opinion he qualifies as iconic) and a great addition to the MCU.

Now for what I didn’t like about the movie. This seems to be an overall weakness of the MCU but the main antagonist. It blows my mind that up to this point, Loki is the only stand out member of the villains club. Marvel has so many amazing bad guys (granted they don’t have all the film rights to them but their library is extensive) that to see this be a continued sore spot for them is troubling to say the least. Not to say that this villain doesn’t have his motivation for his actions, but I don’t care for them because I don’t care about him. They have to do a better job here, they have the capability it’s been shown.
My other complaint would be run time. And that’s not a big one, while it did drag in some areas, the move still flowed extremely well. There just a few instances on-screen where I wish the scenes could have sped themselves up.

One final thing I wanted to say, that I hadn’t mentioned before in what I liked, and that was the humor within the film. This is expected when you see a Marvel movie now,  but still refreshing and fun. It’s nice to break up the seriousness of a fight/politics with the occasional witty banter. To me it’s a superhero movie and yes while I’m going to suspend my disbelief to appreciate what’s going on, these are superheroes. Have fun with them! We don’t get to have these people walking with amongst us in our day-to-day lives, so yes we want to see them show off their powers and amazing abilities, but we also want to see them be like us! Not brooding 24/7 or living in a world that is devoid of humor. And that’s what I love about the MCU they seem to get that.  Seeing these Gods amongst Men throw down physically and mentally fighting for what they believe in is spectacular.  But they know that just action isn’t enough, they know how keep them “human” throughout and have their personality shine.  Just by that, Marvels got me by “keeping it real” within a world spectacular and grand.

Well I’ve gone on a while here, and as you can see I highly recommend going to see this movie. The Russos did an amazing job with this film, it was a labor of love and it shows. Everyone involved in this movie should be ecstatic with the way it turned out. Movie really was outta this world.
Don’t forget, go to the movies!

P.S. I ended last time with a quote, so I gotta keep up that tradition hmmm let’s keep this one in within the movie!

Sam Wilson: So you like cats?

Steve Rogers: Sam…

Sam Wilson: What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat and you don’t wanna know more?


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